Exporting to HTML5 works just like exporting to other platforms, however there are some things that can make the process a bit tricky and require extra attention.

What you need (to know)

The Godot HTML5 export templates are built with Emscripten, so you need to build your Rust code for the wasm32-unknown-emscripten target (wasm32-unknown-unknown will not work).
Since Emscripten does not offer a stable ABI between versions, your code and the Godot export template have to be built with the same Emscripten version, which also needs to be compatible with the Rust compiler version you are using. In practice, this means you probably have to do some or all of these things:

You can check which versions of Emscripten/Rust you are using like this:

emcc -v
rustc --version --verbose

A version mismatch between Rust and Emscripten will probably result in compiler errors, while using incompatible Emscripten versions between Rust and Godot will result in cryptic runtime errors.

Emscripten uses a cache to store build artifacts and header files. In some cases this means that the order in which steps are completed matters.

Also note that wasm32-unknown-emscripten is a 32-bit target, which can cause problems with crates incorrectly assuming that usize is 64 bits wide.

Godot 3.5

Disclaimer: Currently, the following steps are only tested and confirmed to work on Linux.

Godot 3.5's prebuilt HTML5 export template is built with Emscripten 3.1.10. It might be possible to use it if build your Rust code with that exact version, but extra compiler flags may be needed. This guide focuses on building the export template yourself with a recent version of Emscripten.
As of 2022-09-04 you also need to use a Rust nightly build.

Confirmed working versions are:

  • rustc 1.65.0-nightly (8c6ce6b91 2022-09-02)
  • Emscripten 3.1.21-git (3ce1f726b449fd1b90803a6150a881fc8dc711da)

Installing and configuring Emscripten

We will be using the most recent git version of Emscripten (tip-of-tree):

# Get the emsdk repo
git clone

# Enter that directory
cd emsdk

# Download and install the tip-of-tree SDK tools.
./emsdk install tot

# Make the "tot" SDK "active" for the current user. (writes .emscripten file)
./emsdk activate tot

# Activate PATH and other environment variables in the current terminal
source ./

Building Godot

Build the Godot Export template according to the instructions:

source "/path/to/emsdk-portable/"
scons platform=javascript tools=no gdnative_enabled=yes target=release
mv bin/ bin/

Set the newly built export template as a custom template in Godot and be sure to set the export type as GDNative. When exporting, uncheck "Export With Debug".

Building your Rust code

In your project's .cargo/config.toml (see Cargo Docs), add the following:

rustflags = [
	"-Clink-arg=-sSIDE_MODULE=2", # build a side module that Godot can load
	"-Zlink-native-libraries=no", # workaround for a wasm-ld error during linking
	"-Cpanic=abort", # workaround for a runtime error related to dyncalls

Build like this:

source "/path/to/emsdk-portable/"
export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$EMSDK/upstream/emscripten/cache/sysroot/include
cargo +nightly build --target=wasm32-unknown-emscripten --release

The result is a .wasm file that you add in your GDNativeLibrary properties under entry/HTML5.wasm32, just like you would add a .so or a .dll for Linux or Windows.

Errors you might encounter

Compile time:

  • failed to run custom build command for gdnative-sys v0.10.1, fatal error: 'wchar.h' file not found: Emscripten cache not populated, build Godot export template first
  • undefined symbol: __cxa_is_pointer_type: You need to build with -Clink-arg=-sSIDE_MODULE=2
  • error: undefined symbol: main/__main_argc_argv (referenced by top-level compiled C/C++ code): Your .cargo/config.toml was not loaded. See Cargo Docs and verify its location.


  • indirect call signature mismatch: Possibly due to Emscripten version mismatch between Godot and Rust
  • need the dylink section to be first: Same as above
  • WebAssembly.Module(): Compiling function #1 failed: invalid local index: You need to build with -Cpanic=abort

Further reading

In the future, some of this will probably not be needed, for more info see: