FAQ: Community

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I need help, where can I ask?

The godot-rust project uses several sources for different kinds of information.

1 - API documentation

The documentation of released crates is hosted at docs.rs. If you prefer to look up API details of the latest master in-development version, they are hosted on GitHub pages.

The crate-level documentation of gdnative should guide you to more concrete places to look at. If you don't know where to start, look at the prelude module -- it contains the most commonly used symbols.

2 - Godot Docs

As godot-rust is the layer that wraps the Godot API, the behavior and use cases for many of the classes and methods are available in the official Godot documentation. Whenever you have questions for anything Godot-specific that is outside godot-rust's scope, this is the place to go as well.

3 - Discord Server

For more complex questions, the fastest way to get an answer is to reach out to us and fellow developers on the godot-rust Discord.

4 - Bug reports: GitHub issue

If you find a bug or an issue with the godot-rust bindings or have an idea for future development, please feel free to open up a GitHub issue and we'd be happy to take a look.

Please consider the Contribution Guidelines if you plan to contribute.

GitHub issues are not intended for general questions, as only project maintainers and contributors generally read and track new issues. As such, if you have a question about how to use the library, we highly recommend seeking out one of the above options before opening an issue.