Migrating from godot-rust 0.10.x to 0.11

Version 0.11 is a relatively small release, primarily adding support for the latest stable Godot version, 3.5.1 at the time.

Due to some breaking changes in the GDNative API, this is a SemVer-breaking release, but in practice you can reuse your 0.10.x based code with near-zero changes. This migration guide is correspondingly brief.

For a detailed list of changes, refer to the changelog.

Supported Godot version

The underlying Godot version changes from 3.4 (for gdnative 0.10) to 3.5.1.

Note that we explicitly recommend Godot 3.5.1 and not just 3.5; the reason being that GDNative had minor (but breaking) changes for this patch release.

If you want to keep using Godot 3.4 with latest godot-rust (or any Godot version for that matter), take a look at the Cargo feature custom-godot.

Minimum supported Rust version

The MSRV has been increased to 1.63.
If you have an older toolchain, run rustup update.

API Changes

Method export syntax

Up until gdnative 0.10.0, methods need to be exported using the #[export] syntax. If you did not need that parameter, the convention was to prefix it with _:

fn main() {
fn _ready(&mut self, owner: &Node, delta: f32) {...}

fn _process(&mut self, _owner: &Node, delta: f32) {...}

This changes starting from 0.10.1: #[method] is the new attribute for the method, and #[base] annotates the parameter base (previously called owner). If the base parameter is not needed, simply omit it.

base still needs to be in 2nd position, immediately after the receiver (&self/&mut self).

fn main() {
fn _ready(&mut self, #[base] base: &Node, delta: f32) {...}

fn _process(&mut self, delta: f32) {...}

The old syntax is deprecated and stays valid throughout 0.11, so there is no urge to migrate.


The constructor Transform2D::from_rotation_translation_scale() was removed, due to its unintuitive semantics. It has been replaced with from_scale_rotation_origin().

Symbols already deprecated in 0.10 have also been removed, with the exception of #[export]. In particular, the type aliases RefInstance (now TInstance) and TypedArray (now PoolArray) no longer exist.